A McGraw Hill Book The Web Developer's Cookbook
By Robin Nixon (McGraw Hill 2012, ISBN 978-0071794312)

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This book provides over 300 ready-to-go PHP, JavaScript and CSS functions, classes and groups of classes that you can simply drop into your web pages. They are fully documented and their functionally clearly explained, often with tips on how you can further tailor them to your requirements, and each one you use in your project will save you a lot of development and debugging time, because all that has been done for you already.

Web Developers Cookbook Cover CONTENTS

1.  Getting Started
2.  Using The Recipes
3.  PHP: Text Processing
4.  PHP: Image Handling
5.  PHP: Content Management
6.  PHP: Forms & User Input
7.  PHP: The Internet
8.  PHP: Messaging
9.  PHP: Using MySQL
10. PHP: Using APIs
11. PHP: Incorporating JavaScript
12.  PHP: Diverse Solutions
13.  JavaScript: Core Resources
14.  JavaScript: Location & Dimensions
15.  JavaScript: Visibility
16.  JavaScript: Movement & Animation
17.  JavaScript: Chaining & Interaction
18.  JavaScript: Menus & Navigation
19.  JavaScript: Text Effects
20.  JavaScript: Audio & Visual Effects
21.  JavaScript: Cookies, Ajax & Security
22.  JavaScript: Forms & Validation
23.  JavaScript: Diverse Solutions
24.  CSS: Manipulating Objects
25.  CSS: Text & Typography
26.  CSS: Menus & Navigation
27.  CSS: Page Layout
28.  CSS: Visual Effects
29.  CSS: Dynamic Objects
30.  CSS: Dynamic Typography
31.  CSS: Interaction
32.  CSS: Incorporating JavaScript
33.  CSS: Superclasses

And there's no lack of documentation, either, because every variable, property, class, pseudo class, and every other aspect of each recipe is detailed as it is encountered by including it in easy-to-follow tables. Then each recipe is broken down section by section so you know exactly what it will do for you, how to use it, and also how to tailor it to your own requirements.

Robin Nixon is a computer journalist who has also developed numerous websites using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. He has written over 500 articles and authored several books on computing. Robin is also the author of Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript, HTML5 For iOS And Android, and Robin Nixon's HTML5 Crash Course.